Sharing Pixels

Retargeting ads are effective, but they’re limited in scale to the people who’ve visited your site or used your app. Pixel sharing, on the other hand, allows you to retarget the visitors of other websites who have similar audiences.

It gives you the best of hyper-granular targeting plus scale.

In a nutshell, you log into your Facebook Ads dashboard and share permissions for another site to access your Facebook tracking pixel and vice versa. Reach out to other companies to swap pixels directly, or use a pixel marketplace like Repixel (no, they don’t sponsor this newsletter).

Here are some tips to keep in mind for best results:

Target audiences instead of industries: If you sell children’s clothes, don’t only cross-target other clothing sites. That’s limiting. You can target all sites that cater toward children or parents buying products for their children. These tactics work well with SEO as well.

“Review websites” perform well: Product review websites tend to attract audiences with high purchase intent that could be more in-market for your product.

Monitor for conferences: Keep an eye on your calendar for big events in your space. Their sites tend to generate significant, high-affinity traffic with purchasing power.

Match your ads to each pixel’s audience: If you sell a supplement for joint pain and you’re retargeting the visitors of a golf blog, that’s a critical segue to work with: Relate the two concepts together in your ads and they’ll perform above-average.