Top Chrome Extensions For SEO

I was a fan  of Firefox until the day I started using chrome. I love chrome for various reason. One of the most important ones is that the load time in chrome is way  better than Firefox.

The only time I really like using Firefox is when I have to do a bit of development. Although Chrome inspection tool is pretty nice, nothing beats Firebug.

Chrome aids in making the SEO a relatively simple process. Let me share with you four free chrome extensions I use on a regular basis

If you have used David Naylor’s browser tool on Firefox , you are almost convinced. This tool is great because it will help you track various aspects of a website with one click. May it be page rank, keyword density, Alexa or number of indexed pages.

This bookmark tool was ported as an extension by Sean Bannister.

It can also help you dig various information with one click including

  • Alexa
  • Whois
  • Html Validation
  • Social Bookmarking
  • PageRank
  • Dmoz
  • Domain links

This is one state of the art plugin. It makes a lot of SEO task relatively simple. The added advantage of this plugin is you can even spy on your competitors. You can even find out who is faring better than you and why ?

The plugin has had a few updates in the past and there is a good list of things that the author is promising to provide in the future version.However, this extension currently includes

  • Highlight NoFollow links
  • The number of Pages Indexed
  • The number of Backlinks
  • Current Traffic and Rankings
  • Social Bookmark counts
  • Cached Versions of the page
  • Domain Details like DNS, IP, Whois, Server Location
  • Detects Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml

The unique feature about this plugin is that it will show you nofollow links on your page. This will basically help you figure out all the page rank leaks on your website. This comes real handy if you are optimising a minisite.

You should watch ou for the future versions. They will offer the ability to compare site statistics side by side.

You can get this plugin here

This tool is in fact a very comprehensive SEO tool collection. There are some very good features in this tool including ability to track your social media engagements.

It also provides useful information about

  • Page Rank
  • Page Links
  • Social Engagements
  • Html Validation
  • Canonical URL
  • Page Header
  • Canonical URL

It will also do page speed tests with one click.

The unique feature of this extension is that it will provide you suggestions based on the best practices in SEO.

You can check out the plugin here.

SEO rank is a relatively new tool by Woorank. The report generated by the plugin provides an in depth report about the URL of your choice.

When clicking the plugin tab, it will take you to the Woorank website which will generate a comprehensive report of your website. The report is very good because it provides some useful data not available from various other plugins.

The report tells you about your rss feeds , readability , visibility of your website and much more.

The current features include

  • SEO
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Meta,header info
  • Document Validity
  • GA installed or not.
  • Backlinks
  • Microformats
  • Social Links
  • Loadtime
  • Gzip
  • Whois

And a lot many other features.The report also provides you with a grade .

You can check the plugin here.

Have you come across a awesome extension that you cannot live without ? Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.