Increase email performance by cleaning your list each quarter

We want you to delete contacts from your email list.

Two reasons to remove inactive contacts from your list:

  • Since email platforms charge per contact, inactive contacts on your email list cost you upwards of 50% of your email bill.
  • The higher your open rate, the more Google delivers your emails to inboxes as opposed to the Spam folder. You can increase your open rate by removing contacts who don't open your email. Pretty simple. That's the second benefit of removing inactive contacts: Those who remain see your emails even more.

So here's what you do:

  1. Once per quarter, duplicate your email list and search for contacts who've been inactive for over three months.
  2. Before you remove them, try a win-back email campaign that explains they'll be removed if they do not resume opening and engaging with emails.
  3. Once you have a cleaned list, test a new campaign for higher open rate and CTR.